How and to which extent does the learning environment within institutions as well as outside, in the WoW and/or elsewhere, corresponds to the requirements of the professional higher education. How is it congruent with the programme vision, aims, objectives, methodologies and contents. How does it support gaining profession-related experience, personal development and acquirement of knowledge, skills and competences as defined by the learning outcomes, content and methods of teaching and learning. The learning environment stimulates learning in, and for, practice including robust processes for preparation, participation, assessment and evaluation. The team and the adopted approach create conditions for all students to achieve the learning outcomes. The focus should be placed on systemic arrangements and partnerships, assuring the quality and relevance of practical phases with the study programme objectives. A specific attention should be placed to organisation and integration of significant practice phases and/or job experiences within the study programme and their potential to allow for reflecting theory within a practical context.

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