Please describe the case in detail

In particular please consider (a)Objectives of the intervention; (b) Tools used to achieve the project goals; (c) Methodologies applied;

As a part of diploma thesis, students have to conduct some research in the field they are dealing with.
Diploma theses are always related to the WoW and the outcomes and results can be and are used in the WoW.
For example the title of diploma a thesis at our college: Organisation and service management in the XY company...

What resources are required for the case?

Consider human resources, financial resources, infrastructure, in-kind resources and any other type required.

Human resources:
-Lecturer-mentor at the college (guides and advises the student, supervises the development student diploma thesis)
-Mentor from the company where student completed his final internship (advises the student about topic or problem in the company from business point of view).
- Appropriate literature offered by the college library
-Final presentation of diploma thesis is supervised by the committee of 3 lecturers from the college.

What are the enabling factors making this case successful?

Consider institutional support, environmental/social/political factors, etc.

Factors making this case successful are:
• considering and dealing with actual WOW issues,
• overcoming the gap between theory and practice,
• these professional oriented studies represent an attempt to solve current WOW“problems”,
• this bilateral cooperation between college and WOW enable WOW to join in the education process.

Why do you consider this case to be good/best practice?

Please consider that a best practice must (a) have a clearly defined objective to increase the connection with the World of Work, (b) address the target groups of the project, (c) be replicable and sustainable, (d) have clearly demonstrated evidence of effectiveness in increasing the connection with the World of Work

This applied approach is a very important and relevant issue for our professionally-oriented study.
However, the students diploma theses don’t really bring scientific results, yet they represent important contribution to the profession.
At the same time after graduation students may get a job opportunity offered by the company involved with the diploma thesis.