International conference

The international scientific conference helps to bring together internal security experts and gives to the Academy opportunity to show itself and to conclude cooperation relations.

Modern learning solutions and learning tools

The Academy focuses on modern solutions to make the study process more efficient and flexible.

Preparation of patent applications

The University supports patent applications. Currently 3 patent applications have been submitted (automatics, ecology, 3-D modelling of human organs)

Diploma Thesis is WoW Oriented

The findings of the diploma thesis can be applied at given full consideration at the hotel and tourism industry. At the same time the tourism industry has a major influence on the topic of the diploma thesis. Such diploma thesis are supervised by 2 mentors; 1 mentor from the College and one from the hotel and tourism company. By these means our College can follow the market and development trends as well the social changes. This is an opportunity for inter-active cooperation and network WOW and college. Both sides can get essential benefit for understanding the needs of educational institution and hotel and tourism industry. These makes this case special.

Applied research in Chemistry

The chemical laboratory equipped with high quality testing equipment carries out commercial research activities externally comissioned by local and regional business and industry

Advanced applied reseach

The University supports advanced applied research. Example: 3-D modelling of soft human tissues (heart etc.), direct innovative application in medicine