Please describe the case in detail

In particular please consider (a)Objectives of the intervention; (b) Tools used to achieve the project goals; (c) Methodologies applied;

The Centre for Practical Education was established in 2002. It organizes the practical education for students that makes 30% of the curriculum. It has partnerships with local organizations (90 partners), and organizations abroad (50 partners in 40 countries).
The aim of the work of Practical Education is to (1) connect theoretical knowledge and practical experience, (2) enable to observe and experience the reality of social work, (3) update information from the field of social work, (4) foster good relations with future employers, and (5) help to identify with the profession.
The organization of the practical education (local and international work placements) is divided into certain steps:
1. Choosing organisation/destination (90 local/50 organizations in more than 40 countries: Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Macedonia, Nepal, Mayotte, Ethiopia, Uganda, USA, France, Romania, Spain, Sri Lanka, Great Britain, Malta, Ecuador… )
2. Selection procedure - interviews (criteria: motivation, knowledge about the host country and organisation, previous experience, stress resistance, language skills, excellent study outcomes)
3. Preparation (includes - group seminars, intensive language courses, social-cultural courses, one week long survival training course, individual tutoring - learning objectives, communication with mentors at workplace)
4. Placement (includes - practical experience - learning by doing, achieving learning objectives, writing reports)
5. After placement (includes - evaluations, individual tutoring, group supervision, sharing with others - presentations)

What resources are required for the case?

Consider human resources, financial resources, infrastructure, in-kind resources and any other type required.

Human resources:
- one director of the Centre
- one administrator
- tutors (internal and external)
- mentors (at each partner organizations)
Other resources:
- methodological guidelines
- other relevant resources

What are the enabling factors making this case successful?

Consider institutional support, environmental/social/political factors, etc.

- qualified, competent and motivated staff
- good communication system in place
- intensive communication with mentors
- public presentations of students' placements

Why do you consider this case to be good/best practice?

Please consider that a best practice must (a) have a clearly defined objective to increase the connection with the World of Work, (b) address the target groups of the project, (c) be replicable and sustainable, (d) have clearly demonstrated evidence of effectiveness in increasing the connection with the World of Work

The reasons are:
- active engagement of students with WoW
- active egnagement of WoW in the education
- frequent cases of employment of a student after work placement in the organization