College Hotel Astoria Bled

Annual QA Conference

Joint cooperation of different stakeholders to foster QA of SCHE.

Professional Excursion to WoW (Berlin)

With this excursion we try to realise network learning and applicate the theoretical gained knowledge in the realistic situation at the Berlin destination. At the same time we try to stimulate the development of skills such as practical and joined-up thinning in order to prepare our students for WoW. The Berlin Excursion organised by elected students under the mentorship of three lecturers is presenting the innovative educational concept of collaborative and competence based learning. This way students are able to gain in practice competences, knowledge and skills in field hospitality and tourism industry. As well they will get to know other culture and heritage and develop positive relations to different culture and countries people.

Professional Practice

We have developed a comprehensive diagram regrouping all situations that might occur in students' individual situations when completing the obligatory professional practice.

Tutorship groups

Tutorship groups at Virovitica College are an example of good practice since they are a way for students to communicate directly with the institution, providing direct feedback to the College about problems they encounter while studying and giving suggestion on improvements, including curriculum issues. In this way the College can improve the study programms and adapt them to the students' needs.

Career Council

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice closely cooperates with the regional Employment Department to understand and evaluate trends and identify opportunities for cooperation.

Technical and Education Consortium

Consortium has for objective to support technical education and permeability among the individual levels of the education system within the region.

Centre for Practical Education

Strong and continuously nurtured partnerships with the World of Work mean more clarity for our students when making their career choices.

Acquisition of professional skills

Lessons in smaller groups, more than one lecturer and studying in a realistic environment helps to acquire professional skills.

Practical subjects in real work conditions (TV studio etc.)

Practical subjests are taught in real work conditions (radio and TV studio, editing TV and film materials etc.)