Practical subjects in real work conditions (TV studio etc.)

Practical subjests are taught in real work conditions (radio and TV studio, editing TV and film materials etc.)

Modern learning environment for nursing

Classrooms for nursing and physiotherapy students equipped with interactive phantoms allowing the student nurses to monitor their performance while practising the necessary skills before carrying out hospital placement practice.

Student professional practice

Professional practice is one of the best possible acquirers of knowledge. It needs good and quality to develop in order to gain the knowledge of the students after graduation.

Alumni meetings

Successful alumni meetings are also contributed by the participants we call a university on that occasion. We try to gather older alumni students (of course, sometimes it is difficult) to open up the doors in open days to future students all important information about the university. Most graduate students are employed and therefore we try to reach employers who would like to present them and present the opportunity to work through a student service or performing a compulsory practice. Also, the meetings are held before the beginning of the academic year, where students can ask what they are interested in, study ...

Focus groups with employers evaluating new study programmes

Each department of the school organizes focus groups of prospective employers to discuss and evaluate a new study programme. The discussions result in endorsment letters that need to be enclosed in the documentation of a new study programme.

“Academic Career Office Reactor”

The University provides support for students in preparing for professional life (professional, personal and social competences) in the form of trainings.

Tutorship groups

Tutorship groups at Virovitica College are an example of good practice since they are a way for students to communicate directly with the institution, providing direct feedback to the College about problems they encounter while studying and giving suggestion on improvements, including curriculum issues. In this way the College can improve the study programmes and adapt them to the students' needs.

Determination of social competences

Social competences are important for future personal and professional life. They are elaborated in cooperation with students, (members of Student QA Teams.) The consultations are led in focus groups. The objective is to optimise the set of social competences practiced during the classes.

Consultations with last year students

The School Bureau for Cooperation Career Counselling and Project Support organizes annual surveys among third year students to check their satisfaction with the programme of studies they have been realizing and ask for ideas for improvements.

Focus groups with employers evaluating graduates’ sutability

The School Bureau for Cooperation Career Counselling and Project Support organizes in PWSZ periodic focus groups with representatives of companies from particular sectors of the labour market to evaluate the graduates' suitability for the labour market, identify potential lacks in their skills and monitor the changes taking place in the world of work.