College Hotel Astoria Bled

Annual QA Conference

Joint cooperation of different stakeholders to foster QA of SCHE.

Interdisciplinary Project Work with Concrete Outcomes

Interdisciplinary holistic approach bringing together a real experience of students professional and transversal skills with an emphasis on values such as contributing to the benefit of the local community and social inclusion.

Institutional Strategy Defined and Created with all Stakeholders

All stakeholders have opportunity to express their opinion and suggestions. This way the problems/issues are analysed from different points of view. And a the feedback is regularly included in the curriculum.

Study Visit of Lecturers in WoW (companies)

Lecturers, employed at our college, visit students who are doing their practical training in the company. By means of interviews with the mentor from WoW and students performing their practical training. We are able to identify recent trends and current needs of WoW. Also we can evaluate the company (WoW) and quality of practical training placement of our students.

Entrepreneurship Centre

The Entrepreneurship Centre was established to provide structural units with the support needed for their RDC activities and serves as a link between enterprises and institutes. Also, it`s important duty is to coordinate students’ RDC activities co-operation with TTK UAS students’ voluntary research association Heureka.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a consultative body connecting TTK UAS with the general public, being composed of representatives of business and cultural communities, professional associations, employers’ organisations as well as state and local government authorities. The main task of the advisers is to advise on the development of UAS and connect the WoW with higher education.

Project “100 steps in engineering”

Project “100 steps in engineering” is promotional activity to introduce the young people to engineering world. It is dedicated to 100th anniversary of Republic of Estonia. Organizing team invites to visit TTK UAS 100 classis, young people aged 6-19 years.

Charity event Christmas Morning

Traditional students organized charity event Christmas Morning has supported over the years maternal and tildreis shelters, SOS Children's Village, an animal shelter, Tallinn Zoo polar bears, children with disabilities, the project "Christmas in the hospital" and autistic people.

Alumni meetings

Successful alumni meetings are also contributed by the participants we call a university on that occasion. We try to gather older alumni students (of course, sometimes it is difficult) to open up the doors in open days to future students all important information about the university. Most graduate students are employed and therefore we try to reach employers who would like to present them and present the opportunity to work through a student service or performing a compulsory practice. Also, the meetings are held before the beginning of the academic year, where students can ask what they are interested in, study ...