Institutional Strategy Defined and Created with all Stakeholders

All stakeholders have opportunity to express their opinion and suggestions. This way the problems/issues are analysed from different points of view. And a the feedback is regularly included in the curriculum.

Observing the labor market needs

Virovitica College cooperates continuously with the local labor market by conducting surveys about the needs of the labor market and the skills which need to be included in the curriculum in order for our students to be well-prepared for entering the labor market. Also, student’s preferences are taken into consideration when creating new study programs in order to make the college programs more attractive to future students.

Drop-out Questionnaire

Understanding the reasons behind our students dropping out of their study program before graduation is crucial for us to collect honest feedback about the quality of our study program.

Focus groups with employers evaluating graduates’ sutability

The School Bureau for Cooperation Career Counselling and Project Support organizes in PWSZ periodic focus groups with representatives of companies from particular sectors of the labour market to evaluate the graduates' suitability for the labour market, identify potential lacks in their skills and monitor the changes taking place in the world of work.

Consultative Councils

Advisory bodies consisting of representatives of WoW from given study fields. They provide advice and feedback on study programs, learning outcomes, labour market needs, topics for diploma works etc.

Employers feedback (every five year)

Employers are involved in the development of the curricula and take part in the study process.

Good cooperation with stakeholders and WoW

Orientation of the college is toward its stakeholders, and there is a high level of student and stakeholder satisfaction. The members of curricula council are included in the process of making a self-analysis, and they have a possibility to meet the members of the evaluation committee during the process of evaluation.