Content and Language Integrated Learning

Content and Language Integrated Learning is effective and helps students acquire speciality related language.

Employers feedback (every five year)

Employers are involved in the development of the curricula and take part in the study process.

360° Feedback system

The College collects feedback from different target groups, e.g. alumni, students, stakeholders, employers, teachers, managers etc. 360° Feedback helps curricula developers, managers and rectorate in decision making process and gives objective information for future, development and innovation.

Good cooperation with stakeholders and WoW

Orientation of the college is toward its stakeholders, and there is a high level of student and stakeholder satisfaction. The members of curricula council are included in the process of making a self-analysis, and they have a possibility to meet the members of the evaluation committee during the process of evaluation.

Project “Safe School”

We prepare regular seminars with information about prevention of needlestick related injuries and prevention of injuries in real hospital practice in general for students in pre-gradual education.

Gym for Students and Academics

Healthcare professions are demanding both physically and mentally. A great deal of attention is paid to the professional skills, whereas the physical demands of healthcare professions are perceived as a marginal matter. Medical College notes such marginal topics and tries to address them. Regular visits to the gym is an important addition to preventing the burnout of healthcare professionals.

Special Subject for Paramedics: Prevention of Violence

Violence towards the prehospital emergency professionals is often neglected. The rate of occupational injuries among paramedics and other emergency medical professionals is eight times higher than the national average for all workers and twice as high as the rate for police officers; it seems there is no occupational group with a higher injury or fatality rate than paramedics and medical professionals in emergency medicine. To enhance this, Medical College decided to create a new subject for students of the Paramedic Program - Prevention of Violence.

Focus on non-medical fields of study – unique

Our program supports the quality and effective care in the Czech hospitals and contributes to stabilization of the counts of non-medical employees in the Czech Republic healthcare facilities. Every year, we prepare almost 300 fresh graduates with a Bachelor degree for the non-medical positions.

Alumni Club to Share and Inspire

This activity is focused on dealing with the general assumptions of individual medical professions. The presentation of alumni - graduates' experiences and their workplaces helps current students in choosing the right specialization.