College Hotel Astoria Bled

Annual QA Conference

Joint cooperation of different stakeholders to foster QA of SCHE.

Interdisciplinary Project Work with Concrete Outcomes

Interdisciplinary holistic approach bringing together a real experience of students professional and transversal skills with an emphasis on values such as contributing to the benefit of the local community and social inclusion.

Professional Excursion to WoW (Berlin)

With this excursion we try to realise network learning and applicate the theoretical gained knowledge in the realistic situation at the Berlin destination. At the same time we try to stimulate the development of skills such as practical and joined-up thinning in order to prepare our students for WoW. The Berlin Excursion organised by elected students under the mentorship of three lecturers is presenting the innovative educational concept of collaborative and competence based learning. This way students are able to gain in practice competences, knowledge and skills in field hospitality and tourism industry. As well they will get to know other culture and heritage and develop positive relations to different culture and countries people.

“Academic Career Office Reactor”

The University provides support for students in preparing for professional life (professional, personal and social competences) in the form of trainings.

Determination of social competences

Social competences are important for future personal and professional life. They are elaborated in cooperation with students, (members of Student QA Teams.) The consultations are led in focus groups. The objective is to optimise the set of social competences practiced during the classes.

Consultative Councils

Advisory bodies consisting of representatives of WoW from given study fields. They provide advice and feedback on study programs, learning outcomes, labour market needs, topics for diploma works etc.

360° Feedback system

The College collects feedback from different target groups, e.g. alumni, students, stakeholders, employers, teachers, managers etc. 360° Feedback helps curricula developers, managers and rectorate in decision making process and gives objective information for future, development and innovation.

Focus on non-medical fields of study – unique

Our program supports the quality and effective care in the Czech hospitals and contributes to stabilization of the counts of non-medical employees in the Czech Republic healthcare facilities. Every year, we prepare almost 300 fresh graduates with a Bachelor degree for the non-medical positions.