Acquisition of professional skills

Lessons in smaller groups, more than one lecturer and studying in a realistic environment helps to acquire professional skills.

Modern learning solutions and learning tools

The Academy focuses on modern solutions to make the study process more efficient and flexible.

HR ASPIRA – The Economic Council

Organization of the Economic Council implies the gathering of numerous economic experts, representatives of companies and the environment, to receive information about their needs through annual meetings. This information can be implemented in the audit of study programs and can direct the development of the institution to comply with the needs of economic representatives.

Entrepreneurship Centre

The Entrepreneurship Centre was established to provide structural units with the support needed for their RDC activities and serves as a link between enterprises and institutes. Also, it`s important duty is to coordinate students’ RDC activities co-operation with TTK UAS students’ voluntary research association Heureka.

Main directions of RD

WoW is involved in the establishing of the main directions of R&D activities.

Consultations with the Minister

Consultations with the Minister has great impact to renew and to follow development plans cross-sectoral and to be in the same field on information.

Preparation of patent applications

The University supports patent applications. Currently 3 patent applications have been submitted (automatics, ecology, 3-D modelling of human organs)

Scientific Journal

Tarnovian Scientific Colloquia is an important element of developing research activities in the school. The double reviewd journal gives the school staff the possibility to showcase their research

Organization of conferences for external stakeholders

Presentation of University capacities in R&D, possibilities of joint research etc. Opportunity to make new contacls and develop new common activities.

Technology Transfer Centre

Organization and coordination of research activities, expert services, training provisions, counselling for companies, support in preparation and realization of international R&D projects etc