Project “Safe School”

We prepare regular seminars with information about prevention of needlestick related injuries and prevention of injuries in real hospital practice in general for students in pre-gradual education.

Gym for Students and Academics

Healthcare professions are demanding both physically and mentally. A great deal of attention is paid to the professional skills, whereas the physical demands of healthcare professions are perceived as a marginal matter. Medical College notes such marginal topics and tries to address them. Regular visits to the gym is an important addition to preventing the burnout of healthcare professionals.

Special Subject for Paramedics: Prevention of Violence

Violence towards the prehospital emergency professionals is often neglected. The rate of occupational injuries among paramedics and other emergency medical professionals is eight times higher than the national average for all workers and twice as high as the rate for police officers; it seems there is no occupational group with a higher injury or fatality rate than paramedics and medical professionals in emergency medicine. To enhance this, Medical College decided to create a new subject for students of the Paramedic Program - Prevention of Violence.