Regional integration

Cooperation of Virovitica College and local business entities provides the opportunity for the students to gain insight into WoW through internship. Also, it is an opportunity for local businesses to meet the students and possibly find future employees in this way. It also provides feedback on the curriculum and whether it is appropriate for preparing students for WoW on the local level.

Observing the labor market needs

Virovitica College cooperates continuously with the local labor market by conducting surveys about the needs of the labor market and the skills which need to be included in the curriculum in order for our students to be well-prepared for entering the labor market. Also, student’s preferences are taken into consideration when creating new study programs in order to make the college programs more attractive to future students.

Tutorship groups

Tutorship groups at Virovitica College are an example of good practice since they are a way for students to communicate directly with the institution, providing direct feedback to the College about problems they encounter while studying and giving suggestion on improvements, including curriculum issues. In this way the College can improve the study programms and adapt them to the students' needs.

HR ASPIRA – The Professional Workshops

An easy way to pass on the most up-to-date professional achievements and to introduce students into the practical part of the work, is the orgnization of professional workshops. They include the engagement of a number of professionals who approach the students throughout the year to the latest state-of-the-art workshops. Institution support is very important for financial and organizational resources. They are organized once a week and the knowledge gained from workshops is evaluated.

HR ASPIRA – Regional integration

Integrating an educational institution into a society implies listening to the needs of society and providing education services when something is not backed up specifically. One of the ways of integration can be the organization of free education, humanitarian actions and other education services that come to the benefit of society.

Career Council

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice closely cooperates with the regional Employment Department to understand and evaluate trends and identify opportunities for cooperation.

Technical and Education Consortium

Consortium has for objective to support technical education and permeability among the individual levels of the education system within the region.

Centre for Practical Education

Strong and continuously nurtured partnerships with the World of Work mean more clarity for our students when making their career choices.

Drop-out Questionnaire

Understanding the reasons behind our students dropping out of their study program before graduation is crucial for us to collect honest feedback about the quality of our study program.

International conference

The international scientific conference helps to bring together internal security experts and gives to the Academy opportunity to show itself and to conclude cooperation relations.