Preparation of patent applications

The University supports patent applications. Currently 3 patent applications have been submitted (automatics, ecology, 3-D modelling of human organs)

Technology Transfer Centre

Organization and coordination of research activities, expert services, training provisions, counselling for companies, support in preparation and realization of international R&D projects etc

Applied research in Chemistry

The chemical laboratory equipped with high quality testing equipment carries out commercial research activities externally comissioned by local and regional business and industry

Faculty Committee for research

The Committee evaluates research proposals funded internally (as statutory activities), assesses research performance of staff etc. The priority is given to research that is WoW oriented.

Advanced applied reseach

The University supports advanced applied research. Example: 3-D modelling of soft human tissues (heart etc.), direct innovative application in medicine

Division for R&D

Division for research and development coordinates and supports the efforts of individual researchers or research groups, organizes seminars and promotes research activities in the School